About Us


Madinah Foundation

Madinah Foundation is a non-profit charity organization approved under Section 47(I) (d) of the Income Tax Ordinance 1979, Government of Pakistan. The Foundation is dedicated to serving humanity in various sectors, including health and education. In addition, the Foundation is running various non profit projects for the welfare and social uplift of the community.


Madinah Group was founded in 1948 by four brothers in trading Edible Oil. Their vision for the business was that a part of the profit earned from business activities would be returned to the community in the form of investment in various non profit projects aimed at the social uplift and welfare of the community, particularly the underprivileged. Accordingly, they started and continued their philanthropic activities. Motivated by the vision, keenness and sincerity of the Founders, the Group continues to follow and uphold the spirit of the vision to this day. Investment in welfare and social uplift activities remain a highlight feature of the Group.

Over time, the Group grew up in size and diversified its operations. From trading, it entered into the industrial sector. Today, the Group has industrial units in the sugar, Ethanol, Biogas, Steel, Edible Oil, Power Generation, Portable Water and Plastic sectors. With the increase in business, the welfare projects also continued expanding and increasing. Therefore, the Group was bifurcated into two divisions for better planning, execution, and administrative control of various industrial and welfare projects. As a result, the Industrial projects were grouped under the Madinah Group of Industries, while the Welfare and Social uplift projects were grouped under the Madinah Foundation (Trust). Madinah Foundation has been following various tasks to fulfill its commitment and objectives to help humanity.

How we work?

Since 1948, the Madinah Foundation, one of Pakistan's most respected non-profit welfare organisations, has worked for social development and aid to low-income communities. It is led by a group of highly motivated academics and social workers that includes doctors, engineers, lawyers, business executives, and people from all walks of life. We provide health, education, public awareness, livelihood, prisoner welfare assistance, and disaster relief. Madinah Foundation provides free food, health care, and other financial support to thousands of underprivileged and needy people every day.