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Initiative taken by Madina Foundation for Health issues for Flood Affecters

The unprecedented heavy rainfall in multiple regions of Pakistan led to devastating flooding. Our country is currently facing one of the worst floods in its history. Over 33 million people have been affected, with thousands left homeless and without access to clean water or food. This humanitarian crisis is immense and requires an urgent and coordinated response.

When a disaster strikes in the country or abroad, the Madinah Foundation has always been there to help with the rescue, relief, and reconstruction. Foundation has a large network of workers and volunteers in Pakistan and around the world, so we have always been able to respond quickly whenever a need has arisen. This year, Madina Foundation team are active from day one and try to cover maximum areas and facilitate affected from food and non-food item.

Flooding is devastating in every aspect: from property and infrastructure damage to loss of life and wider health impacts which increase the need for essential medicines and equipment to set up emergency triage, medical tents, mosquito nets, beds, facemasks, and hand sanitizers outside health facility.

Free Medical Camps in affected areas

ALPHA TUF has also conducted free medical camps in affected areas of Rajanpur, DG Khan and Jacobabad, where teams of doctors from Madina Teaching Hospital have provided free diagnostic services and free medicines and also distributed emergency kits, masks and sanitizers.

Free Medical Camps organized by Madinah Teaching Hospital in flood affected areas of Rajanpur, DG Khan and Jacobabad.

Madina Foundation covers Nutritional crisis in Flood zones

To meet the nutritional crisis due to flooding is a big challenge in Pakistan. People are suffering from hunger, and they do not have sufficient food to meet their daily nutritional value. The University of Faisalabad ALPHA TUF team raised a flood relief campaign to help affected to meet their nutritional needs. Different campaigns were established for the collection of money. Bake Sale week was one of them.

Distribution of Ration Packages

Under the auspices of the Madina Foundation, Management and students of the University are striving hard to lend a helping hand to the distressed by their active participation in the Distribution of food packages. They visited affected areas for the Distribution of food packages. They also look after their fellow students and staff in the affected areas.

Detail is provided as under:

Packing and distribution of ration and dry foods

Water bottles, Ration Packs, Milk Packs, Biscuits and Cooked food boxes were distributed in following areas:

City Area Covered
Taunsa Sharif 18 areas including; Mangrootha East & West, Sookar, Tounsa City, Nari East & West, Tibbi Qaiserani, Beet Area Near River, Notkani East & West, BastJhalooWali, Khar Buzdar, Basti Baqir, Basti Mithey Wali, Basti Wahwa, Lathra, Dao Mor, Koh Salman Areas
DG Khan 41 areas including; Darkhast Jamal, Kharpala, Sakhi Sarwar, Nala Wadwar, Baroo, Basti Wali Dad, Basti Saje Wala, Hajan Wala, Jatoi Wala, Khanpur, Gatt Pull, Kodi Pull, Choti Sakona, Durkhan Wala, Chandi Wala, Basti Jam, Basti Lashari, Kot Chutha, Adda Haiderabad, Maomoori, Baila Basti, Ramdani Chowk, Yousafabad, Noor Wahi,Lohar Wala, Chatt Road, Gidpur, Mithakho, Pull 13, Pull 14, Basti Khosa, Basti Shahni, Jhor Wala, Jah Dad Wala, Oud Wala, Bhokhan Wala, Choani Bhalla, Kachi Canal, Dallana Basti, Basti Summandri
Kot Mithan 18 areas including; Basti Ding , Basti Dhingan, Qadirabad, Head Hamid, Basti Jehangir Majol, Surrounding Area Kot Mithan, Fazilpur, KotlaEasan, Rojhan, Tibi Chowk, Zahid Road, Kotla Hassan Shah, Murghai, Murad Kot, Basti Ghareebabad, Kothan Mithan to Rojhan All Road & surrounding areas
Jacobabad 75 areas including; Umrani Laro to Qadri Darbar, Qalati Khan Khoso, Daud Khan Village, Macchi Village, Village Ahmed Mian, Rahim Bux School, Juma Khan Dashti, Sahib Dino Soomro Village TCF School, Quetta Road, Odhi, Jonghal, Thu, UC Bachro, Farooq Pump, GarhiKhero, Village Ahmed Mian, DakhanMohallah, Qureshi pump to quetta road, Village Imtiazabad, Thul, UC Karim Bux, Villages of Golshani and Lasharis, Jacobabad, Village Nawra, Village Rasheed Abbasi, Jafferabad School, Various Schools of Hamidia, Municipal, Railway, Jafferabad, Girls High School, Village Baho Khoso, Iqra Primary School & Girls Degree College, Juma Dakhan, Thul, By Pass area, Outside Bunglow, Quetta Road, Shaikh Mohallah, Inside Bunglow, Bahoo Khoso, Village Fazal Ali Soomro, Village Andal Sundrani, Village Usman Brohi, Ahmedian Haveli, Village Qalati Khan Brohi, Shaikh MohallahJcd, Tahir Khoso Colony
(by air)
Surrounding areas of Swat, Kalam and Bahrian
Jhal Magsi
(by air)
Surrounding areas of Jhal Magsi

Distribution of cooked food

Madina Foundation team also cooked, packed, and distributed cooked food to flood victims. Every day, different affected areas are visited by the volunteers. So far, the team has covered many areas.

Detailed are listed below:

Flood Relief Food Distribution in Different Cities Details
Item Distribution
3.Water 2Ltr Bottles
Zamzama Saeedabad(RSM Owais)
3.Water 2Ltr Bottles
Thari Khairput to Ranipur Highway(RSM Rana Jabbar)
Nawab Shah & Surrounding(RSM Irfan Minhas)
1.Murgh Salan
Tando Allahyar & Surrounding (ASM Manan Ahmed)
Sarkand Saboraho Mashak New Saeedabad(RSM M.Akhtar)
1.Milk ½ kg
2. Jucie
Jerk Thatta(RSM Sufyan)
7.Dry Ration
Zamzama Band Saeedpur Badeen(RSM Owais)
3.Water 5 Litr
Jam Sahib Road Nawab Shah(ASM Irfan Minhas)
1.Murgh Salan
Army Camp Thatta( RSM Sufyan)
Water 2 litr Bottle
Bhan Area Badeen(RSM Owais)
3.Water 2 litr
Sukkar & Surrounding (RSM Rana Jabbar)
Goth Ehsan Rind UC.Qali Muhammad Nawab Shah(RSM Irfan Minhas)
1.Murgh Salan
5.Mosquito Net

Food and drinking water ready for distribution in affected areas

Food distribution among flood affectees in Taunsa Sharif area.

Food distribution among flood affectees in various areas of DG Khan

Food distribution in Kot Mithan and Jacobabad areas

Shelter and Non-Food Items

Thousands of people are living without shelter. They do not have core relief items, including tents, tarpaulins, sleeping mats, blankets, mattresses and mosquito nets to support flood-affected communities, Shelter kits and materials for rehabilitating damaged houses. Madina Foundation team distributed non-food items such as temporary shelters, tarpaulin sheets, and mosquito nets to accommodate flood-affected families.

Distribution of food and non food items