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The Madinah Foundation takes initiatives of collecting torn out Holy scriptures (paper pieces with Quranic verses) from different spots (built by the foundation) in all over the Pakistan under the title of “Quran Mahal” to save the sacred torn pieces in a proper clean place according to the principles of Shariah.

The purpose is to encourage the Muslim Umma to do not throw any Quranni Auraq ,Hadees in bins and floor and and to keep them safe from desecration and to use for illegalusage .The Madinah Foundation has formulated a comprehensive approach. Initially, the vehicles collect Muqaddas Auraaq from the Quran Center and deliver it to the Plant, where Auraaq are separated depending upon solid or worn-out conditions. A part of them is liquefied, which later on are carried to be poured (deployed) into the sea for preserving the sacredness. Finally, the untransformed pieces of paper are carefully buried in the sea bed.This process is carried out daily with strict monitoring and if you want to avail the service of Madinah foundation Quran Mahal ,you can submit Auraaq in your nearest Quran Mahal center or you can call on the numbers give below .Members of Quran Mahal can collect them from the define destination.

You can call on the following numbers:

Islamabad 03345341620/03335507702

For Punjab

  • Lahore 0300-4050095/03013317394
  • Multan 03037144192
  • Lodhra 03017775161
  • Gujrat 030007744293
  • Sahiwal 03016523579
  • Sialkot 03446538776
  • Gujranwala 03360007985
  • Taxila 03135477105
  • Sheikhupura 03004249822
  • Bahawalnagar 03457922641
  • Mianwali 03464122391
  • Chakwal 03335906366
  • Jhelum 03129533545
  • Bahawalpur 03017756983
  • Rahim yar Khan 03007821825
  • Atak 03135020842