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Free Education to Eliminate Poverty

Ending poverty in all its forms is the foundation of sustainable development goals. Pandemic has further pushed more families of Pakistan in extreme poverty. People are having Food Shortages, job losses, Healthcare and shelter deprivation. As per IMF and World Bank Data projections for extreme poverty were on decrease but Post-COVID they have adjusted an increase of 1.9% in 2020 which is additional 144 Million people worldwide.

Education attainment is seen as a means of eliminating poverty and achieving socioeconomic mobility. Whereas, as per United Nation Development Program in Pakistan currently only less than seven percent of students who enroll in Grade One end up pursuing undergraduate studies. Out of all Grade one Enrolled students merely 39% of youth is employed. One of the key reasons for students being Out of School is poverty itself. University education is becoming expensive to maintain the provision of Technical knowledge and skills, Institutions are spending more towards Training and retaining of Academic staff to ensure Quality education.

. In all this current scenario students from underprivileged households are suffering the most as state funding for higher education is static.

Madina Foundation has been working since 19 years with a Vision to provide Quality education through multiple educational organizations and have launched many need based educational scholarships to address the issue of extreme poverty. The scholarship program is providing students from underprivileged backgrounds an opportunity to complete their higher education and help them succeed in their fields by providing all required technical skills, resources, accommodation, food and a platform which enables them to take their families out of poverty.

Therefore, to address the increasing demand of need based scholarships we would like to increase the number of awards to help the poor families in need. We aim to keep more proportionate focus towards women's education as they are in need of autonomy and train the poor families with all the technical and education skill sets required for them to excel in their related fields. To do this noble cause , Madinah Foundation spent 422,750,201 last year.