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Mass Nutrition Program(mf)

Everyone needs access to good diet and health care. However, low-income individuals and families find it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain healthcare or acquire the nutritious food they require due to a lack of sufficient income and a high cost of living. Moreover, chronic poverty, recurring calamities, and political and economic volatility in some parts of Pakistan contribute to undernutrition and food insecurity

According to the United Nations World Food Program, more than 20% of Pakistan's population is malnourished, and over half of children under the age of five are stunted (WFP). Thousands of hardworking families in Pakistan's rural areas and poor populations are forced to skip meals or seek aid to meet their necessities.

Madina Foundation is a non-profit organisation to eliminate hunger in Pakistan. Our Meals and Mass Nutrition Program helps people with nutritious meals and nutrition counselling from a Registered Dietitian.

The purpose of this initiative is to alleviate the burden of hunger for the poor. We have set up a Mass Nutrition Program at various places in Pakistan where the needy are fed twice a day, every day. Although this is a little contribution, it is our small way of alleviating the fear of not knowing whether they will have a meal to eat next or not for the impoverished. They know that with our service, they will always have a place to eat 365 days a year, and that no one will go to bed hungry.

Everyone is welcome, and our food is cooked and served to the greatest standards of quality and sanitation. Menus alternate between vegetables or pulses and mutton to create fresh and healthy dinners (goat). We are happy to report that approximately 15,000 individuals are fed every day across Pakistan. Each individual is treated with dignity and respect, and it is our greatest honour to serve them.Our programme has proven measurable benefits and gives hope to starving people.

There are approximately 15 locations in Pakistan where thousands of people are fed free food to alleviate hunger through our Feed Distribution Centers.Free food is available at the shelter home, Allied Hospital, Bakshi Khana for criminals in Kechari, Data Sahab, Pak Pattan, Imam Bari Sarker, Murli Wale Sarker, Abdul La Shah Ghazi, Ali Fatimah Hospital, Hazrat Mian Mir, Karma Wale Sarker, Kot Mitthan, Hazarat Mir Abdul Rehman,Port Qasim and the University of Faisalabad Gate Number 4.